At Just Enough, we believe you don't need to choose between quality and convenience. That's why we created a canned wine that does both.

Our easily packable 250ml cans provide a no fuss solution for any wine occasion. Talk about #CANvenience.

escape the expected [verb): letting go of one's preconceived expectations and following one's passions

Empowering people to take control of their leisure time. One can at a time.

what makes us different

At Just Enough, each of our wines are consciously crafted to meet the high quality standards that you deserve. From sourcing the grapes from premium vineyards to extensive testing, our goal is to make quality wine more accessible for all to enjoy. 

appellation & vintage specific

  • Our wines are an expression of the distinguished appellations they come from. To learn more about the characteristics of each, and why we fell in love with the flavors of the vineyards, head over to the wine's product page.
  • Just as our wines reflect the distinct taste of the locations they are derived from, they also reflect the vintage. Each varietal has a specific vintage which indicates the year the grapes were harvested. Our goal is to create wines with less fuss so that you don't have to worry about aging the wine and can enjoy it right away.

premium vineyards

  • We take great care in sourcing our wine from premium vineyards throughout the world.
  • Our grapes are sustainably farmed and meticulously cared for throughout the production process. See below for the sustainability standards at each of our vineyards:
    • Pinot Noir: the grapes were grown in a sustainably (SIP) certified vineyard and made in a sustainably certified winery.
    • Chardonnay: the grapes were grown in a LIVE vineyard (Low Input Viticulture & Enology) and adhere to environmentally and socially responsible wine-growing practices.

good to know

In addition to being made with minimal interference, our wines are:

  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Have no added sugar or concentrates

testing, testing and more testing

  • We’re here to bring you a canned wine you actually want to drink. We tasted over and over until we found wines we love, and ones we think you’ll love also!
  • We tasted the wines under many different conditions including in a can, in a glass, directly out of the fridge, at room temperature, and after sitting in the sun to ensure our wines could perform in each scenario. 
  • We ran third party analyses on each of our wines to ensure they meet high quality standards and are able to perform well once canned.


about our cans

Manageable Serving Size

Our 250ml cans equate to ~1.5 glasses of wine providing a practical serving size for all your wine needs.

Convenient Packaging

Our lightweight cans are easily packable to enjoy on many occasions like hiking, golfing, picnics, après-ski, tailgates, and watching Netflix on the couch. Forget the bottle openers and washing wine glasses, Just Enough Wines is bringing you a more convenient option so you can sip back and relax.

Environmentally Friendly 

With aluminum cans being the most commonly recycled material out there, we are so excited to bring our love for wine and love for the planet together.

  • In comparison to the traditional glass wine bottle, our cans are infinitely recyclable and reduce the overall carbon footprint of shipping and producing wine.
  • We hate pouring wine down the drain. We imagine you do too. Our practical serving size means fewer unfinished bottles gone to waste.

Jessica Hershfield

Founder + CEO

Hello there, I'm Jess!

Like many of you, my whole life consisted of living up to certain expectations. I was expected to get good grades, get into the best schools, and work for the best companies; all while maintaining a social life, attempting to afford living in San Francisco, find a husband, and one day have kids.

In my quest to meet many of these expectations I found myself consistently unfulfilled. I was tired of chasing this predetermined path of never-ending expectations that many of us are on and I decided there was more to life than following the world's expectations.

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Kaitlyn Lo

Co-Founder + COO

Kaitlyn grew up in Marin County and graduated from Stanford University in 2014. She spent four and a half years working in private wealth management at several Bay Area firms including ICONIQ Capital and EPIQ Capital before pursuing her MBA at The University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Ross Bentley

Head of Wine Operations

Ross is a Napa Valley native and comes from 11 years in the wine-making industry. He assisted with the production of distinguished brands including Hundred Acre, Cherry Pie, Layer Cake and If You See Kay. Ross has held a variety of roles in the wine industry such as compliance, marketing, directing construction projects, warehouse procedures, bottling and more.

our core values


We are passionate about creating a quality wine that is convenient for every lifestyle. There isn't a right or wrong way to enjoy our wines and we hope we can inspire adventure, companionship, and enjoyment for all.


At Just Enough, we value diversity in all its forms. We aim to create an inclusive community for all wine lovers (21+ of course).


From our packaging to our business practices, we believe in bringing our love of wine and love for the planet together. We are partnering with 1% For the Planet to donate 1% of revenues to environmentally friendly non-profits. Cheers to a healthier planet!


We aim to be open and honest by providing authentic messaging and transparency into our business practices.