Jessica Hershfield

Founder + CEO

Hello there, I'm Jess!

Like many of you, my whole life consisted of living up to certain expectations. I was expected to get good grades, get into the best schools, and work for the best companies; all while maintaining a social life, attempting to afford living in San Francisco, find a husband, and one day have kids.

In my quest to meet many of these expectations I found myself consistently unfulfilled. I was tired of chasing this predetermined path of never-ending expectations that many of us are on and I decided there was more to life than following the world's expectations.

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Kaitlyn Lo

Co-Founder + COO

Kaitlyn grew up in Marin County and graduated from Stanford University in 2014. She spent four and a half years working in private wealth management at several Bay Area firms including ICONIQ Capital and EPIQ Capital before pursuing her MBA at The University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Ross Bentley

Head of Wine Operations

Ross is a Napa Valley native and comes from 11 years in the wine-making industry. He assisted with the production of distinguished brands including Hundred Acre, Cherry Pie, Layer Cake and If You See Kay. Ross has held a variety of roles in the wine industry such as compliance, marketing, directing construction projects, warehouse procedures, bottling and more.