about our cans

Manageable Serving Size

Our 250ml cans equate to ~1.5 glasses of wine providing a practical serving size for all your wine needs.

Convenient Packaging

Our lightweight cans are easily packable to enjoy on many occasions like hiking, golfing, picnics, après-ski, tailgates, and watching Netflix on the couch. Forget the bottle openers and washing wine glasses, Just Enough Wines is bringing you a more convenient option so you can sip back and relax.

Environmentally Friendly 

With aluminum cans being the most commonly recycled material out there, we are so excited to bring our love for wine and love for the planet together.

  • In comparison to the traditional glass wine bottle, our cans are infinitely recyclable and reduce the overall carbon footprint of shipping and producing wine.
  • We hate pouring wine down the drain. We imagine you do too. Our practical serving size means fewer unfinished bottles gone to waste.