3 Unique Liqueurs to Try this National Cocktail Day

3 Unique Liqueurs to Try this National Cocktail Day

Wine is our numero uno.

But we are kind of crushing on Danielle and Erin, co-founders of Wild Craft, the mobile bar out of a 1967 Frolic travel trailer that is sure to make your post-covid event a HIT! Still skeptical? Read on to get a serious lesson in liqueurs from Danielle...

You’re sitting at a well-stocked bar and you look at the multitude of bottles lining the walls and you think, “what am I even looking at?” With thousands upon thousands of spirits and liqueurs on the market how does one even keep up? We are here to help! We’ll guide you through three delicious, lesser-known liqueurs that we highly recommend. 

Perhaps you’ve spotted a mysterious, goddess shaped bottle hiding on some backbar…this, my dears, is the wonderful Damiana. This minty, herbal, sweet liqueur is made using a small shrub that grows on the rocky hillsides of Mexico. Damiana is said to be an aphrodisiac that has been used as such for centuries by indigenous cultures. Substitute Damiana liqueur in place of sweetener or orange liqueur in a Margarita and you be the judge.  


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what the love child of Absinthe and Green Chartreuse would taste like?” Okay, okay, so maybe you haven’t but now you can taste exactly that. Meet Dolin Génépy le Chamois. Using an herb of the same name, Génépy (or “mountain sage”), grown in the French Alps, this powerful herbal liqueur showcases what it truly means to be an alpine liqueur. This complex little number pairs especially well with mezcal and gin. Try it in your hot chocolate for a real treat.  


Flipping through a copy of the famous Savoy Cocktail Book of the late 1800’s, you’ll find reference to a mysterious ingredient in many cocktails: Cape Aperitif. Look no further than Kaapse Dief Caperitif, hailing from South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom. What makes this recently revived Chenin Blanc based aperitif so special? Many of the 35 botanicals used are unique to this part of the world including fynbos, kalmoes and naartjies. Floral, bitter, citrusy and downright delicious, this is one of our absolute favorites. Pour a bit in your Just Enough Brut Bubbles and you won’t be disappointed.