5 Reasons Why I'm gifting all my Galentine's canned wine

5 Reasons Why I'm gifting all my Galentine's canned wine

My best girlfriends are “have it all” kind of women. 

I don’t mean that they own it all or are hard to shop for. On the contrary, they would probably enjoy any Anthro-looking candle, kitchen towel, or stationery set that came their way. 

But my friends are busy women. They juggle being full-time business managers, MBA students, moms, and partners. And to top it all off, they are the kind of women you can really lean on.

I want to gift them something that is minimalist and won’t add to any physical or emotional clutter. Plus, I want to gift something that we can all enjoy together. That perfect gift is wine, canned wine to be exact. 

Not convinced? Here are five more reasons why I am jumping on the canned wine bandwagon for my Galentines: 

    1. These days, we mostly have friend dates at the dog park. Yes, that’s right. My glamorous days of NYC rooftop bars are, for the most part, behind me. Between the pandemic and being a dog mom, a park hang always feels like the best option. That doesn’t mean we scrimp, though! Take it from me… pack a picnic or place a take-out order at your favorite local restaurant. Don’t forget your Just Enough chardonnay!
    3. It makes up for lost wine tasting tours (Thanks a lot, covid!) My girlfriends and I have a yearly wine tasting trip. In fact, the week before the U.S. shutdown, we were in Fredericksburg (Texas wine country) living that sweet Airbnb/wine bus life. It doesn’t look like we can make it happen this year, but that does NOT mean we will be participating in Sober Spring. 
    5. The last year has exhausted us all! All we want to do is relax, enjoy the moment, and not have to worry about cleaning up after. The last thing I want to do is give my girlfriends a gift that adds to their cleaning routine. One of my favorite things about canned wine is that you throw it in the recycling bin and move on with your life- no wine glasses to clean, nothing to put away. 
    7. Canned wine is a one-hand activity that allows for multitasking. I’m talking Zoom meetings, filling out your expense report, cooking, cleaning, putting the kids to bed (hey, no judgement!). I’m thinking about my Boss lady, graduate-degree-seeking, homeschool-teaching-mama friends, here. They are writing papers at 10pm when their kids are asleep. It’s the literal only time to enjoy a glass of wine. The canned version is so much more 2021.
    9. The best memories are made with wine. Tell me your favorite evening with your girlfriends when there was *not* wine involved. I’ll wait. Exactly.