Meet our New Red Blend

Meet our New Red Blend

Alexa, play “Red” by Taylor Swift. You know it, you love it. It's your go-to wine for beach bonfires, drive-in movies, and lazy summer nights sitting outside with friends. The wait is finally over. You can now get your hands on our newly-released Just Enough Red Blend.

This blend, with notes of red currants, bright blackberries, and cracked peppercorn; came just in time for family BBQs, summer concert tailgates, and of course relaxing nights on the couch rewatching your favorite guilty pleasure shows like Friday Night Lights and How I met your Mother. 

So what makes a blend different from your typical red wine? The term Red Blend refers to a red wine that was created with a combination of grape varieties, rather than just one. Blending the grape varietals helps to enhance the aroma and flavor of wine, and allows winemakers to integrate the best attributes of multiple grape varietals into one delicious blend that is fruit-forward, low in acidity, and easy to drink. 

Our new Red Blend is a “Rhone-style Red”, meaning that it was made in the style of wines that come from France’s Southern Rhone Valley. Rhone-style reds are known for being bold, spicy, and tannic. Our Red Blend is made up of 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah. The Grenache contributes bright, juicy flavors like blackberry, black cherry, and raspberry. Whereas Syrah, adds the structure and spice, making it the perfect blend of intricate flavors. Reining from the Edna Valley, near San Luis Obispo, this cool growing region surrounded by volcanic mountains and the Pacific Ocean produces grapes that are characterized by complexity and crispness.

Throwing a dinner party soon? We’ve got your back! Our red blend makes for the perfect table wine. Due to its versatility, and complex flavors, this blend complements a variety of dishes like stuffed mushrooms and Santa Maria-style tri-tip. (Talk about the perfect comfort meal, right?). But it doesn’t stop there, this blend can be paired with your favorite late-night snacks too! We recommend chocolate-covered pretzels for that perfect salty-sweet combo or teriyaki flavored beef jerky to match that delicious smoked pepper flavor. 

Need we say more? Run, don’t walk to scoop up our newest Just Enough Wines varietal here. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your favorite Red Blend pairings!