Referral Program: Give $10, Get $10

Referral Program: Give $10, Get $10

You’ve just tried Just Enough Wines and you’re obsessed, don’t worry we’ve all been there. You love the portability, premium-quality, and the sustainable focus. Immediately a long list of friends who you know would enjoy sipping our Pinot Noir or Chardonnay at the park or on the couch pops into your head. You want them to try a 6-pack for themselves, and you also want to order plenty more for yourself. 

Luckily, now that Just Enough has released our referral program, all your wine-related dreams can now become a reality. 

How it works:

  • Head to Just Enough Wine’s website where you will see a box in the bottom left-hand corner with the words, “REFER A FRIEND GIVE $10, GET $10”
  • Click on this button and a pop up page will appear on the screen that will walk you through your next steps
  • Choose either to share your referral through email, Facebook, or copy the link where you can send it to whoever you want, however you want
  • Once the link has been shared and your friend makes a purchase through that same link, not only will they receive $10 off their purchase but so will you!

This program provides the best of both worlds, you and your friends save money and you get to enjoy as many cans of Just Enough as your heart desires. Referring your friends to Just Enough is the epitome of good karma. You give 10, you get 10 and nothing could ever seem better or more wine-derful than that. 

*Terms and Conditions

The friend referred must be a new customer to Just Enough Wines

You will receive $10 off when your referral has placed their order through your custom link