How to Host Friendsgiving in 2020

How to Host Friendsgiving in 2020

Our Friendsgiving activities are looking a little different this year. If you’re like us, the thought of missing out on hosting your annual Friendsgiving is as sad as over-cooking the turkey and running out of your grandmother's famous cranberry dressing. But Just Enough Wines has you covered with a super easy step-by-step DIY Virtual Friendsgiving. Even better, we’re offering a discount to make you the ultimate Friendsgiving host.

  • Step 1: Send out an invite to all your friends to RSVP for a virtual Friendsgiving. We created a simple invitation for you to plug in your info and send. Just follow this link to edit the required fields.
  • Step 2: Gather RSVPs, and be the host with the most, or hostess with the mostess, and send your friends a 6-pack of Just Enough Wines. It’ll be so fun to have one thing in common over the evening to be able to talk about! We’ve got you covered with 10% off your orders using the code friendsgiving2020.
  • Step 3: Every Friendsgiving centers around food, right? And you might be wondering how to serve food to virtual guests, well we’ve got you covered with round-robin food ordering. Here’s how it works:
    • Organize the group so that everyone has one other friend to order food for. They will be responsible for using a food delivery app to order food for them to have during the Friendsgiving.
    • Set a reasonable limit for how much each person can spend. 
    • Have friends order the food 30 minutes before the event is going to start and send it to the other person they are responsible for

Not only does this have your food covered, it is super fun to see who orders what for each person!

  • Step 4: Toast your friends, enjoy the face time together, and remember we’re all going to get through 2020!

Looking to spice it up even more! Check out these other fun ideas:

    • Make the night themed. Everyone has to come into the Zoom dressed in costumes. 
      • 80s night
      • Favorite TV / Movie Characters
      • Animals
      • Game of Thrones
      • Outerspace
    • Make a playlist to share during the dinner
      • Here’s our playlist to get you started
    • Plan a virtual game. Here are some fun free ones: