Just Enough Wines x Madhu Chocolate Adult Hallowine Kit

Just Enough Wines x Madhu Chocolate Adult Hallowine Kit

At Just Enough, we love opportunities to highlight new cultures and introduce people to new flavors. That is why this October we are so excited to collaborate with Madhu Chocolate to bring you some memorable and delicious chocolate and wine pairings. 

Madhu Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Austin, Texas created by Harshit Gupta and Elliott Curelop, who are partners in both business and in life. Madhu means “honey” or “sweet” in Hindi, and Harshit and Elliott take their name seriously--every Madhu Chocolate recipe is influenced by traditional Indian cuisine.  Madhu specializes in Indian flavors, spices, and nuts inspired by Harshit's childhood memories growing up in India, as well as his mother's homemade recipes. “My mom has been our inspiration for this entire brand. I grew up eating her amazing food, learned how to cook from her and always enjoyed how she came up with flavors so delicious and mouth watering. And when it comes to desserts, she is a genius. Indian food in the U.S. generally means Chicken Tikka Masala or Naan. There is no mention of all the several hundreds of Indian desserts which is a part of this major cuisine.”

Madhu Chocolate, like Just Enough Wines, prioritizes ethically sourced ingredients and sustainability. Just as we source our premium-quality wines from sustainably certified vineyards, Madhu Chocolate sources its cacao beans from ethical farms which provide the farmers with fair livage (which is a step further than fair trade). 

Now, let’s talk pairings. Just Enough’s 2019 Pinot Noir with notes of bright raspberries, vanilla spice, and a smooth cherry finish pairs beautifully with Madhu’s Cardamom Dark Chocolate. Madhu’s cardamom originates from Guatemala; the spice is widely used in both savory meals and desserts in India. The cardamom is balanced by the dark cacao, making this lovely spiced bar a great match for Just Enough Pinot Noir.

Just Enough’s 2019 Rosé with notes of summer melon, vibrant berries, and a crisp minerality pairs fantastically with Madhu's Lemon Coriander chocolate bar. Coriander is a spice that is widely used in Indian cooking; the spice contains a compound called limonene which gives it a citrusy note. This 78% cacao dark chocolate is infused with the brightness of house-dried lemon peel and the herbaceous and spicy notes of freshly ground coriander nicely complements our bright and refreshing Just Enough Rosé.

Just Enough’s 2020 Chardonnay with notes of lemon zest, refreshing pears, and a crisp vanilla tart pairs nicely with the warm sweet notes of Madagascar vanilla and blends smoothly with the herbal, candy flavor of Madhu’s Vanilla Fennel chocolate bar. Fennel, a licorice-flavored spice is widely used in Indian cooking. Harshit and Elliott got their inspiration from vanilla sugar-coated fennel seeds which were a treat to eat growing up in Mumbai, India. The herbaceous notes from this chocolate pair perfectly with Just Enough Chardonnay.

We're thrilled to collaborate with Madhu Chocolate on the Adult Hallowine Kit. The traditional Indian spices and flavors create memorable pairings that are beautifully matched with the wines' flavor profiles. It is truly an experience you will not want to miss.