Let the Good Times Roll: Just Enough Sushi Pairings

Let the Good Times Roll: Just Enough Sushi Pairings

It’s easy to pigeonhole wine and food pairings into the traditional, common duos. Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate, Chardonnay and pasta alfredo, Pinot Noir and a mushroom pizza. They’re timeless pairings, but the beauty of wine lies in its versatility. If we look past these pairings, if we look into the wider world of what can be done with wine and food from all over the globe, we can discover remarkable flavor combinations that we had perhaps never even dreamt of! So let’s dive right into an unexpected but phenomenal pairing: wine and sushi. 


California Roll & Just Enough Chardonnay

Most people's first introduction to sushi is a California Roll, much as Chardonnay is typically a go-to for first-time wine drinkers. Classic, elegant, and crowd-pleasing, both California Rolls and Chardonnay are timeless treats that happen to pair beautifully together. The rich creaminess of the crab and the avocado counteract the crisp citrus qualities of our 2019 Chardonnay, creating a mouth-watering sensation. You may just have to request that your favorite sushi restaurant starts pouring Just Enough Chardonnay


Spicy Tuna Roll & Just Enough Rosé 

In this pairing, our wine color matches our sushi, so we’re off to a great start! Just Enough’s Rosé is a deliciously dry, Provencal style rosé, a fun blend made primarily with grenache noir. Its bright flavor profile allows it to pair with a wide variety of foods, including a spicy tuna roll. With notes of summer melon and vibrant berries, the flavors of the rose help balance the spice of the tuna roll. Is this a pairing made in pink heaven? Yes, we believe so. 

Shrimp Tempura Roll & Just Enough Brut Bubbles

Celebrate good sushi, come on! Bubbles always feel like a celebration, but our Brut Bubbles can be an everyday drink as well. Similarly, a shrimp tempura roll can range from a fancy night out to a casual take-out dinner. Whichever mood you’re in, night on the town or sweatpants on the couch, our Brut Bubbles brings out the very best in a shrimp tempura roll. Bubbles love fried foods, and fried foods adore bubbles. The delicate flavors of white wines complement the meatier flavors of the fish. All in all, it’s a pairing you're not going to forget anytime soon. 

Philly Roll & Just Enough Pinot Noir 

Looking for a more creative option and something you might not have tried before? A classic Philly Roll would pair beautifully with Just Enough’s Pinot Noir. While Pinot Noir is often known for its earthy flavors, it retains an amazing versatility that allows it to complement many dishes. Our Pinot’s silky finish provides a contrast to the slight tang of the Philly Roll’s cream cheese, while also amplifying the delightful creaminess of the smoked salmon. Fully cooked sushi and full cans of wine make for a meal full of joy. 

If you don't believe us when we say that wine and sushi are a match made in heaven, trust Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim, who paired our 2018 Just Enough Pinot Noir with SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa. However you like your sushi, let the good times roll with Just Enough Wines and enjoy!