Pride Month Spotlight

Pride Month Spotlight

Happy Pride Month! At Just Enough Wines, we are proud to celebrate and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, not only in June but every day. We believe that wine is about creating an inclusive and diverse community. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community with love, respect, and pride. Since launching in 2020, we have been fortunate enough to work with a number of amazing LGBTQ+-owned businesses, and we would love to use this opportunity to shine a light on them.

Ampersand- San Francisco, California

Ampersand was founded by Benjamin and Emerson, who met in 2012 at a gay bar in San Francisco, California. Since then, they have never looked back. Together they found a love of flowers and entrepreneurship and opened Ampersand in 2014 in a dilapidated barn in the Mission district, painted it teal, and after giving it a major facelift, began building their little flower world. In 2020, they expanded to a brand new location with the glow-up of their dreams in the Castro-Duboce neighborhood with a retail space that shape-shifts into a private event space. Clients are encouraged to pick their own stems, or their team of designers can build custom bouquets on the spot. They also provide weekly accounts for restaurants, deliver blooms anywhere in SF, and have many gorgeous plants, sundries, and more available for purchase. Along with the retail flower shop concept, Emerson and Benjamin specialize in designing custom, unique wedding and event designs for the most rad + trusting clients which keeps them busy for most of the year.

To Ampersand Pride means: 

“As a visibly and proud queer-owned business, the celebration of Pride never ends. Every day is an act of remembrance of where we have come from and honoring those who have paved such a beautiful path for us, a celebration of the current progress we have the benefit of living in, and a keen awareness that the work is far from over and that we must continue pushing forward for progress.”

Cowgirl Creamery- Point Reyes Station, California

Cowgirl Creamery makes cheese with heart. In 1997, Cowgirl started with a dream shared between two college friends and business partners, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith: To celebrate organic practices and spotlight the craftsmanship of local sustainable agriculture in Marin and Sonoma counties. Today, Cowgirl is carrying the torch of the food revolution that started in our backyard. Organic. Farm-to-Table. Delicious, award-winning cheese. It’s in their DNA. And it defines their most famous creations, including the beloved triple cream Mt. Tam.

To Cowgirl Creamery Pride means:

“Cowgirl Creamery founders, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith are both members of the LGBTQ community and were both determined to create a company that would celebrate overlooked communities. For Cowgirl Creamery, the goal was and continues to support underserved communities. We continue these values and goals today.”

Madhu Chocolate- Austin, Texas

Madhu Chocolate started in Harshit and Elliott’s Austin, TX kitchen where they experimented with combining flavors they love from traditional Indian cuisine with their favorite sweet treat: chocolate. Madhu sources its cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia and Idukki Hills region in Kerala, India then roasts, crack, winnow, grind, flavor, temper and wrap all the bars by hand striving to create the highest quality bean-to-bar product. From the beautiful packaging inspired by Indian textiles to the gorgeous bars themselves, Madhu chocolate is a true labor of love.

Their consistent source of inspiration is Harshit's mom. She is a wonderful cook and always has inventive recipes. Not to mention, she makes an amazing chai.  She is the reason why Harshit grew up with so much passion for food. Because she has been a great inspiration since the inception of their business, Elliott and Harshit thought it would only be appropriate to give the business the same name as her: Madhu. Madhu in Hindi means honey or sweet which they think makes total sense for naming a chocolate company. It is also the mantra of their lives 'Be Madhu to one another. 

To Madhu Chocolate Pride means:

Pride means celebrating our unique experiences in an accessible way. It highlights how representation matters in every form and we're so honored to be able to showcase what open LGBTQIA+ individuals can accomplish.”