Red, White, and BBQ - Just Enough Hot Dog Pairings

Red, White, and BBQ - Just Enough Hot Dog Pairings

A classic summer in the states means sleeping beneath the stars, barbecues running late into the sweet warm nights, hot dogs and a cold beer at a baseball game--wait a minute. Back it up. New fantastic pairing alert: hot dogs and Just Enough Wines. If we’ve learned anything from this last year, it’s that we can redefine what classic means, what traditions mean. So yes, we’re redefining summer, redefining hot dogs, and redefining what to drink with hot dogs. Just Enough Wines, along with some of our new hot dog pals, is ready to take your dogs to the next level.  

Pairing 1: Hot Dog Bills “Burgerdog” + Pinot Noir

Barack Obama-tested, golf course-approved. Hot Dog Bills’ famous “Burgerdog” is an iconic tradition in the San Francisco culinary scene. Fueling golfers, politicians, artists, and musicians (we’re talking JT) alike, this hamburger/hot dog mash-up is an ideal mid-round snack. Those sweet onions, the rich flavors of the hot dog, plus condiments galore, all pairs beautifully with the silky flavors of Just Enough Pinot Noir. Find the mold to make your own Burgerdog at home here, and don’t forget to pile them high the “Hot Dog Bills Way '' with ketchup, mustard, hamburger relish, pickles, and onions!

Pairing 2: Roy Choi Kogi Dog + Chardonnay

Hot dogs like you’ve never seen them before. Paired with canned wine as you have never had before. Put them together--flavor explosion! Roy Choi’s innovative, sumptuous Korean-BBQ hot dogs are taking names in Southern California. These mind blowing Kogi Dogs are stacked with cabbage, cheddar, and kimchi, not to mention, they just launched a vegan hot dog (also pairs nicely with our vegan-friendly Chardonnay). So when you’re in the mood for a hot dog off the beaten path, you know just where to go, and which beverage to take with you. 

Pairing 3: Ryan Scott’s Cincinnati-style chili cheese dog + Rosé

What do chili, cheese sauce, and crispy garlicky onions have in common? They are all included in Ryan Scott’s loaded Cincinnati-style chili cheese dogs. As Scott noted “These hot dogs are definitely a crowd-pleaser at Summer BBQs, and are excellent when paired with a crisp, fruity, medium-bodied rosé such as Just Enough rosé.” These drool-worthy delicacies have the potential to be the highlight of the summer, especially with that cold, refreshing rosé to wash it all down. 

Pairing 4: Corn dogs + Brut Bubbles

Summer means fair food. Funnel cakes and elephant ears and laughably large bags of kettle corn. It means looking away from the sweets long enough to grab “real dinner.” Corn dogs count, right? Right. That sizzling, caramel-colored dough, the convenience of holding it on a stick, the ease of dipping the whole dang thing into a vat of ketchup. We love it. We also think it’s fabulous with a can of Brut Bubbles in your other hand. And what’s even better--you won’t worry about spilling a single drop of your dog or your bubbles. Food on sticks and wine in cans. We like it like that. 

Summer is, thankfully, right upon us. We are ready for a summer of outdoor adventures, dinner parties, and creating new memories. Sharing great food and wine, laughter, and stories, and trying out exciting new hot dog combinations. We’re here for it. We hope you are too.