Rosé Sippin' & Summer Road Trippin'

Rosé Sippin' & Summer Road Trippin'

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Campfire and s’mores. Baseball games and hot dogs. Some things are just meant to go together, don’t you think? For us, road trips, beach sunsets, and a can of Just Enough create that ideal trio. This summer we partnered with female-founded Well Traveled Club, “a booking platform designed for a new generation of modern travelers,” to curate a list of some of the most delightful spots along California’s coastline to kick back and sip on our crisp, refreshing rosé.


Bliss Beach (Southern CA)

Craving a European beach feel with a coastline dotted with blue and white striped lounge chairs and warm sand beneath your toes? Us too. Good news! There is a California equivalent, and we must go. Bliss Beach, operating throughout Southern California, provides a gorgeous, hassle-free beach day, customizable to include your favorite snacks, drinks, and experiences. With the sweet sounds of the ocean, the smell of the sea breeze, and blue skies above you, a day with Bliss Beach and a can of Just Enough rosé is sure to be an unforgettable one.


Chambers Landing (Lake Tahoe, CA)

If you’re looking for more of an alpine experience, you cannot go wrong with Chamber’s Landing in Lake Tahoe. The crisp colors of the lake in midsummer, that fresh mountain air, those impeccable sunsets--all of it pairs well with the convenience and portability of Just Enough. Stick one in your back pocket for a walk around town, in your backpack for a mid-hike treat, or in your cooler for a day of lake-side chilling. And if that’s not enough, Chamber’s Landing is famous for its punch!


Folly Collection at Joshua Tree (Joshua Tree, CA)

And if you’re feeling ready for the great, majestic expanse of the desert, we recommend the Folly Collection at Joshua Tree. Simple, rustic, and elegant, this Airbnb invites long, thoughtful conversations under the stars, glasses (or cans) of wine in hand. With sunrise colors matching our chardonnay, and the painted strokes of sunset descending from rosé to pinot in color, this intriguing desert hideaway makes for refreshing and insightful sipping.


17-Mile Drive (Pebble Beach, CA)

But when the desert becomes too hot, we can head right on back to the sea! Head northwest from Joshua Tree straight to the beautiful hills of the Carmel Valley, and the winding enchantments of 17-Mile Drive. Stop for a nice, long picnic at Spanish Bay or a “Cheers” to Mother Nature at the Lone Cypress.


Landsby Hotel (Solvang, CA)

To finish off our great tour de California, powered by Just Enough Wines, we stop in the charming town of Solvang, particularly at the gorgeous Landsby Hotel. Nestled in the heart of German-inspired Solvang, the Landsby offers everything you could want from a boutique hotel. Thoughtfully crafted and decorated for peak comfort, full of charming corners and delightful courtyards, equipped with high-quality food, drink, and amenities, the Landsby is an ideal launching point for your Solvang experience. Whether you are sipping our rosé by the fire pit, in the plush king beds, or on the patio, we are sure you will find peace, serenity, and joy at the Landsby.