Staying Chill with Just Enough Wines

Staying Chill with Just Enough Wines

At a beautifully planned, well-attended summer barbecue, is there a more disappointing moment than when your ice-cold beverage starts losing its cool? Little beads of condensation slowly dripping down the glass, onto your hand, stealing that refreshing quality of the drink. It becomes lukewarm and a little too sweet and you end up just starting over with a new drink. What if we could avoid all of that? Wouldn’t that be something? Imagine starting and ending the night with cold drinks the whole way through, free of the fear of a tepid tea, a warm wine, a balmy beer. At Just Enough, we value cold cans on warm nights, so we made a list of the best ways to keep your drinks cold, your smile big, and your heart happy all summer long. 

  1. Frozen grapes plopped in wine! As a substitute for ice cubes, frozen grapes keep your wine nice and chilled without watering down the wine and taking away from the delicate complexities of the flavor. Plus, they double as a fun snack when you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

  2. Wine cubes! Take a normal ice cube tray and fill it up with wine (whatever varietal you prefer), stick it in the freezer, and voila! They keep your wine cold throughout the day without watering it down, and as an added bonus, they look beautiful.

  3. If you need something chilled pronto, keep it simple. Lightly dampen a paper towel or two, wrap it around the can or bottle that you need chilled, and pop it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. It’ll come out ready to refresh your guests, especially if you add in frozen fruit or wine cubes. 

  4. If you’re feeling pretty crafty, and you have some time on your hands, check out these inventive and functional ice buckets--made of ice! Make them your own by arranging a variety of fruits, herbs, or flowers in the water before you freeze them. These are ideal for a shaded or indoor bar cart. Guests can appreciate your work of art while also enjoying their favorite chilled wine! 

  5. Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t have extra room in storage for a cooler. Don’t worry, we’ve been there! You can always go the classic aluminum bucket filled with ice and water route, but that ‘pails’ in comparison to substituting a bathtub or kitchen sink. If it holds ice and beverages, make it work! (And who doesn’t love a no-mess cleanup?)

A cold drink on a hot day is one of life’s simplest pleasures. We hope that you are basking in the sun (we recommend SPF and a Just Enough Hat) holding your favorite can of Just Enough Wine, chatting away with your favorite people. Whichever way you choose to chill out this summer, cheers to you!