The Only Wine Gift Guide you Need this Holiday Season

The Only Wine Gift Guide you Need this Holiday Season

Seasons greetings from Just Enough Wines! Although the holiday season is filled with family, friends and love, it can also be filled with stress and panic (mainly over what gifts to get and how to avoid your in-laws). Don’t worry, that’s where we step in! Just Enough Wines is the perfect gift for your in-laws, boss, partner, besties and even Secret Santa.

The In-Laws - Just Enough Pinot Noir

They take over your sofa couch for the winter, they rearrange your spice cabinet, and give you (mostly unsolicited) advice for redecorating your home. You know them, you love them. You guessed it… its the in-laws. Stock their wine cabinet with Just Enough wine and your Mother-in-Law will be too busy enjoying a can of Just Enough Pinot Noir to ask “so...when am I going to be a grandmother?”

Your Boss - Just Enough Chardonnay

They may pester your Slack channel from time-to-time, but they are always there to be a mentor. Your boss always stays late to finish the task and kills it during presentations - I mean come on, they have no stage fright. They know how to lead with confidence and help out wherever they can. Get them a pack of Just Enough Chardonnay to help them “un-wined” after a long week at the office  - you may even see a promotion coming your way (wink, wink!) 

Your Significant Other - Just Enough Rosé

Sweet, loving and always there for you when you need help bringing in the groceries - now THAT is a significant other. You push one another to be the best you possibly can and support each other through the ups and downs. Remind them of how much you appreciate them and all they do for you by getting them a 6-pack of Just Enough Rosé. (Remember that they have to share all food and drinks with you too - and yes, that includes wine.)

Your Besties - All of the Bubbles 

You call them at 2am crying about your ex, and they rush over to eat ice cream and give you a well-deserved pep talk. They are always there to remind you to never accept less than you deserve. They also love to go out and dance the day away, especially after bottomless mimosas! Queue up Truth Hurts by Lizzo, and share the gift of All the Bubbles to brighten their day, just as they brighten your life. ILY BFF!


Your Secret Santa - Just Enough Pack

Secret Santa is a tried and true tradition in many workplaces or at large family gatherings. It’s always tricky to find the perfect gift for Secret Santa, but don’t worry.. We have your back. I mean have you ever heard someone say “Ugh I didn’t want wine”. OF COURSE NOT. Luckily our Just Enough Pack comes with three different varietals! So no matter their preference, it has something for everyone. Next year everyone will want you to be their Secret Santa!


(Pro-Tip: Order one for yourself to relax after the holiday season. We call it self-care.) 

So there you have it, five wine-derful gift ideas for all of the special people in your life this holiday season. Visit the Our Wines page, for more gifting inspo! In the meantime, we will be dreaming of a ‘wine’ Christmas.