There’s a New 6-Pack in Town

There’s a New 6-Pack in Town - Just Enough Wines

The NBA finals are in full swing, which means either your favorite team is winning and you need an ice-cold beverage to help you celebrate, your team is losing and you desperately need something to take the edge off, or you're stuck inside with one TV and die-hard basketball fans in which case, we know you need a drink. 

A 6-pack of ice cold beer has always been the stereotypical image that comes to people’s minds when thinking about a sporting event. However, beer should not be at the top of the sporting world's go-to beverage list; canned wine should be, specifically Just Enough Wines, and here’s why. 

Wine is known for being a social drink, it brings people together in all different kinds of circumstances. Sports do the exact same thing. These two things should, by nature, go together like peanuts and crackerjacks, but they haven’t been seen that way, until now. 

This leads us right into our next point: food. Food is just as important when it comes to watching a sporting event and we all know wine was meant to pair with it. Tonight if you find yourself ordering in buffalo wings, try our crisp Chardonnay with them. Or if you prefer the classic burger and fries combo, our Pinot Noir is your new best friend.   

If we haven’t given you reason enough already, check out this ESPN article all about how much your favorite NBA players are just as wine obsessed as we are.  

We suggest that you make room in your cooler for our delicious and refreshing premium canned wine the next time you sit down to cheer on your favorite team or head to your next tailgate (in a socially distanced manner of course). 

As for tonight, whether you love the LA Lakers or the Miami Heat, we should all agree on one thing, canned wine is fan-worthy and refreshing in both taste and attitude.

So crack open a can, sip back, and relax!