Three ways to bring Just Enough to your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Three ways to bring Just Enough to your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is here, and while this year may look a little different, well not too different from last year, there’s still plenty of ways to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. Good food, good (and distanced) company, and good drinks are all you need for a perfect St. Paddy’s. But if you’re not feeling the Guinness this time around, we have some amazing pairings that will complement your shepherd’s pie and roast lamb even better!


Start the day off right with some Shamrock Champagne, as green as the rolling hills and fields of Ireland. Yes, yes, we know St. Paddy’s day is a Wednesday, so enjoy it mid-week or continue the celebrations into the weekend.


Option 1: mixture of Just Enough Brut Bubbles, orange juice, and blue curacao (the orange juice and curacao combine to make green, the Bubbles make it delicious).


Option 2: Just Enough Brut Bubbles combined with cucumber mint juice.


Option 3: Just Enough Brut Bubbles combined with Midori.

Throw in a full Irish breakfast of eggs, sausage, black pudding, and toast with these yummy choices and you’re set to tackle the day.


When dinner time rolls around, and the smells of the Old Country are steaming through the kitchen, it’s time to open the wine. Now, we know that Ireland is not known for its history of wine, primarily because the climate isn't suitable for grape-growing. But in no way does that mean wine does not pair perfectly with Irish food. For a sweet, citrusy pairing, try a can of our crisp Just Enough Chardonnay with a large helping of cranberry orange Irish soda bread. The tartness of the fruits and the buttery smoothness of the bread combine to make for a delicious and festive pre-dinner treat.


For the main show, there are, of course, plenty of choices! Whether you go with a shepherd’s pie or a roast lamb, Pinot Noir should be on the table. Ireland is known for its earthy softness, its peaty smells and warm, comforting meals. Pinot Noir is the ideal wine to add to this earthiness. It’ll bring out the flavors of the meal without overpowering any of them, and the meal will amplify the subtle notes of the wine. Hungry yet? Me too. Head over to Just Enough Wines to order your Just Enough Pack today.