Valentine's Date Ideas that don't suck (hint: they include canned wines)

The pandemic rages on, so I’m guessing you are not fighting for a reservation at a chichi, white tablecloth hotspot this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t make some extra special plans. Here are our ideas:

  • Movie night in (aka a Netflix Binge): Nothing screams hot Valentine’s date in the time of Covid like snuggling up with a streaming service, popcorn, and a nice Just Enough Chardonnay. Bonus: You don’t have to clean up before heading to the bedroom.

*Hot tip: If you haven’t yet started Bridgerton, we recommend watching episodes 1-4 this week and saving ep 5 and 6 for Vday*

  • Get outside with your Valentine, Galentines, and fur babies: We are talking picnics, dog parks, hikes, and bonfires! For our cold weather friends, get out and make some snow angels. Maybe a ski day before warming up by the fire with a Just Enough Brut Bubbles.
  • Tailgate: Just because football season is over, doesn’t mean we can’t keep up the tailgating trend. Plan a Covid-safe double date in your driveway with your favorite couple friends. Cook your own meals, pop the trunk on that SUV, pile in with pillows and blankets, and pass around that Just Enough Pinot Noir.
  • Try a new cocktail recipe: We are super into bubbly cocktails these days, and we are not just talking mimosas. Crack open a Just Enough Brut and try a Black Velvet, a Grand Royal, or (my all time fave) a French 75. Take a pic of your creation and tag us @justenoughwines!

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