What are you Bringing to the Coffee Table?

What are you Bringing to the Coffee Table?

We like our books, how we like our wine, well-red. The coffee table book is a staple in every home, versatile to fit any interior design style, informative and entertaining, conversation-starting and awe-inspiring. A good selection of coffee table books offers more than what meets the eye. Whether you’re into fine dining, animals, landscapes, retro cars, farming, or architecture, there are plenty of books for you. And while sometimes they end up as coasters more often than reading material, they are always there, ready to be loved. Take a guess as to what some of Just Enough’s favorite coffee table books are. Did you guess wine? You’re correct! We love flipping through these fun stories, but we also love learning valuable information about wine, the industry, and diverse regions across the world. Check out some of our favorite wine-centered coffee table books below.


1. Wine Folly--The Master Guide

Madeline Puckette’s masterful collection of wine knowledge, starting from the most basic aspects of wine and guiding readers through to its most complex and intricate features. Stock full of informative and creative graphics, coupled with clear and concise explanations and descriptions, this book teaches you something new on every page. 


2. Wine Dogs

Dogs. Vineyards. Dogs in vineyards. Wine Dogs is the ultimate collection of your fluffy, tail-wagging friends from wineries all over the world. Crack open the book to any page and you’re sure to be smiling. 


3. Wine Food--Dana Frank

Wine and food pairings can be as simple and delicious as a glass of malbec with a rich dark chocolate. But they can also be wonderfully complex, scientific, and exciting. Dana Frank’s book of 75 wine and food pairings provides both! Whether you’re getting crafty in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavors and combinations, or you’re sticking to your tried and true favorites, Wine Food is there to inspire your next dinner party, charcuterie picnic, or after-dinner treat. 


4. The World Atlas of Wine (8th Edition) 

This book is no joke, and you will be a true wine expert by the time you’ve gone cover to cover. From different wine varietals to wine regions, weather conditions to fermentation processes, The World Atlas of Wine has it all. Get ready to impress your pals with all your new, obscure wine knowledge! 


5. Wine Trails (Lonely Planet)

If you want a book to inspire your travel, look no further. Wine Trails highlights wine regions all over the world to help you plan a perfect weekend wandering around these magnificent areas. Adventures await you: maybe it’s hiking through Chilean mountains, driving the rich, abundant plains of the Rioja, hot air-ballooning over the expansive vineyards of Sonoma and Napa counties, or heading out for a beach day along the Carmel coast--all of these and more are celebrated in Lonely Planet’s book. 


Let's be honest. Nobody wants to be the friend who gifts a coffee table book that is only opened once and then sits on the shelf collecting dust. Don’t worry! We've got your back. This diverse collection of wine coffee table books is sure to impress. We encourage you to ‘book’ it to your nearest bookstore and grab one of these great reads, and settle into the couch with a can of Just Enough. Cheers!