What is Brut Bubbles?

Our Brut Bubbles is finally here and we are more excited than Buddy the Elf at the sight of Santa, because who doesn’t love a crisp Bubbly during the holiday season?!?

When you see the can, the first thing that may strike you (well second, after the beautiful black and gold can design) is the word “Brut”. Brut is a French word that essentially means “very dry”. Since drier wines contain less residual sugars the term Brut can also be used to describe the level of sweetness in sparkling wine. You can see from the graphic below our bubbles fall on the drier end of the spectrum for sparkling wines.

Our Brut Bubbles is made from 2019 California Pinot Grigio grapes. Our 2019 vintage produced a crisp and mouthwateringly dry wine, with bright notes of lime and nectarine, and a nice floral bouquet. 


2020 has been a year, so treat yourself and the ones you love to our Special Edition Brut Bubbles because we could all use a celebration. Our wines are available to purchase on our website and are available to ship anywhere in CA and OR. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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