Why Just Enough is just what Mom wants.

Why Just Enough is just what Mom wants.

Like us, your mom is a wine-loving, do-good-ing, strong woman, living her best life, and we know exactly what to get her this Mother’s Day...

Yep, you guessed it! We think Just Enough Wines is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, for all the incredible moms in your life. And just in case you are forgetting someone, we’ve come up with a list for all the moms who deserve to be treated to some Just Enough:

“The Tried and True Mama Bear”

Your mom has gotten you through literally everything. She deserves the moon, but after 25+ years of Mother’s Day gifts, you are out of fresh ideas. She tells you not to spend anything on her (though you know better!). She loves to travel to wherever you are, and enjoys a lovely lunch outside with you.  


“The New Mom”

She is your sister, friend, cousin, work wife…! She is killing it as a new mama. You are in awe of how she is able to keep up with a new baby, a remote job, and also washing her hair. She is still breastfeeding, so you know she won’t be able to kill a bottle of wine with you like she once could.

Pinot Noir 

“The Mother Figure”

Do you have a special woman in your life who has always nurtured and cared for you just like a mom does? There is literally no one on this earth more special than a woman who mothers, with no obligation to do so. Remind her how much you love her this Mother’s Day.


“The Dog Mom”

Okay, she doesn’t have a human baby… but she is the most caring woman you know. She treats her dog like an actual child, and makes tons of sacrifices to be the best dog mommy she can be. Your hang outs are typically park dates, so her baby can come along.


“The Plant Mom” 

This woman can keep anything alive. How does she do it? Well, she tells you all the time, but you just can’t seem to absorb the instructions. You have killed every succulent she has gifted you! Show the plant mom in your life just how talented you think she is!

Mixed Wine