Why Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Thanksgiving Should go Hand in Hand

Why Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Thanksgiving Should go Hand in Hand

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, it’s natural to start freaking out about making sure you have the perfect wine to go with whatever you’re choosing to serve. What makes it even harder, is that Thanksgiving dinners have so many different dishes all thrown together onto one plate, making pairings even tougher and calling on you to choose a versatile wine. So what should you choose?

  • California Cabernet? - Nope, too bold. A big, oaky, cabernet will overpower the delicate flavors of turkey.
  • Sauvignon Blanc? - Too acidic and citrusy, grapefruit doesn’t pair well with your fatty, delicious gravy 
  • Chardonnay or Pinot Noir? Now you’re talking - these are wines that are food friendly and go with everything that will be on your thanksgiving plate (or plates if you’re like us)

You may ask though, what is it about Just Enough’s premium canned wines that make them so versatile? 

First of all, they are both medium bodied wines that won’t either overpower or hide behind the tastes of your food. Alongside this, Just Enough’s wines are superbly balanced, meaning that while they are fully flavored, no one flavor (fruity, acid, or oaky notes) dominates each wine. The medium bodied, balanced flavors of our wines pair well with all kinds of foods, so whether your last bite was stuffing or cranberry sauce (or our favorite, the mix of everything), you can be sure that taking a sip of Just Enough will always be a good move.

Here are some great recipes we have found that would go perfectly with either our Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. 

Gaby Dalkin from, “What’s Gaby Cooking,” has come up with the perfect wild mushroom stuffing recipe. This delicious dish is a match made in heaven with our Pinot Noir and would without a doubt be a hit for the whole family. Who doesn’t love getting stuffed off of bread crumbs, mushrooms, and a nice medium bodied glass (or can) of wine!

Next up we have garlic roasted rainbow carrots recipe from, “The Weekend Bite.” This recipe will add color and maybe some much needed veggies to your food filled Thanksgiving table as well as pair very nicely with our Chardonnay. The crisp and refreshing nature of the wine will help highlight the flavor profile of the carrots which will have a nice garlic taste to them. 

Finally, we know people often get caught up with what seems to be the main event of the holiday... the turkey. However, we wanted to give all of our vegetarian fans some great recipes to have next Thursday that will taste amazing with a Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

Check out these recipes here at Cookie + Kate!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday filled with yummy food and, of course, lots of wine!