Why we are practicing self-care in 2021 and beyond

Why we are practicing self-care in 2021 and beyond

“Emotional, physical, and spiritual homeostasis.” Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? We’ve all faced serious struggles, uncertainties, and doubts in our lives, but especially in the last 12 months. The effects of the coronavirus will reach long into the future, and we all need to be mindful of our healing practices as we move forward into better times. We’ve had the opportunity to chat with Eike Daube, a Behavioral Health Clinician and Wellness Coach based in Southern California, about how we can continue practicing self-care in the years to come.

For Eike, the most important aspect of self-care is consistency. It’s so easy for life to get in the way of consistent practices. Whether your practice involves reading, exercising, long soaks in the bath, cooking delicious meals, or phone calls with friends and family, carving out time on a regular basis to delight in these moments is so valuable, especially in times of hardship and difficulty. Of course, it’s fun to treat yourself to a massage or a facial or some retail therapy, but Eike reminds us that “understanding our daily needs and honoring them with boundaries can be more impactful” in the long term.

On that note, a large part of keeping mind, body, and soul aligned and content is setting boundaries for yourself. Maybe it’s keeping clean distinctions between work talk and home talk, or maybe it’s limiting your time with a frustrating or difficult coworker, or maybe it’s setting boundaries for yourself, such as limiting screen time or remembering to practice gratitude. Whatever works best for you, whatever brings you joy and fulfillment, can be woven into your self-care practice. Eike says “self-care can be a form of self-expression--do things that reflect your values and your interests, and you will have more fun with it!” Respecting your self-care needs does not have to be a cause for guilt or selfish feelings. Respecting your self-care needs is vital to our communal well-being moving forward from 2020’s trials and tribulations.

For all of us at Just Enough Wines, many of our self-care practices require balance. Such as cooking a delicious and healthy homemade dinner while cracking open a can of Chardonnay or making plans to share our yummy wines with friends and family at a local park can all be a part of our self-care practices.  If you’re like us, and “cracking open a cold one” means a can of Just Enough, we are here to encourage you on your individual self-care journey.

 If you’re interested in learning more about Eike Daube’s work, you can find her here! And as always, you can find Just Enough wines, merchandise, and more here.