Witching you a Safe and Happy Halloween

Witching you a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween may seem a little unorthodox this year, but there are still many ways to celebrate this spooktacular holiday while staying safe and socially distanced. 

Nothing should stop you from getting your creative juices flowing and coming up with some great DIY costumes, even if it's just to wear around the comfort of your own home.

This “7 Last-Minute Wine Themed Halloween Costume Ideas,” article from Vine Paired gives a great list of the best wine-themed costumes that you can rock no matter how you plan to celebrate the holiday this year. From becoming a pod of grapes made out of purple colored balloons, constructing cardboard into a wearable boxed wine costume, or dressing up in a suit and tie with a wine glass in hand as a self-proclaimed wine snob, this article is chock full of fun-filled ideas. 

Pumpkin carving is another great way to get into the holiday spirit, but here’s the scoop, we’ve found even more uses for pumpkins this Halloween. Cut off the top half of the pumpkin and clean out all the pulp and seeds from the inside. Once completely empty, fill the pumpkin with ice and it becomes the perfect cooler to keep your canned wine chilled while keeping it festive. We mean go big or gourd home, right?

Recreating some wine-infused cocktails can also be a great way to celebrate while keeping distance. Whether or not you host a zoom happy hour with your friends or are enjoying a meal with your family, here are a couple of great drinks that will bring on all the booze needed during your Halloween evening. 

The Spruce Eat’s recipe for their “Blood Red Halloween Sangria” sounds bloody delicious to us. We suggest using our Pinot Noir, (1-3 cans depending on your preferred serving size), as your red wine of choice. 

Mantitlement’s take on a “Pumpkin Spice Wine Sprtitzer” is great for all you basic witches out there, and our Chardonnay is perfect to use for this recipe which calls for both white wine and pumpkin spice liquor. 

Finally, what’s a good costume and cocktail without a Halloween film to pair with it? You can head to Netflix and plan out a cozy movie night for you and your family. Whether or not you want to watch a cult-classic like The Addam’s Family or try viewing a new 2020 favorite such as Hubie Halloween, you can create a night that will be fa-boo-lous for all. Crack open a can of our crisp Chardonnay or smooth Pinot Noir, sip back, and relax.

While the pandemic may be spooky enough as it is, we don’t want you to miss out on ways to enjoy this fright-filled holiday while still creeping it real.