Your Wine Horoscope for Fall 2021

Your Wine Horoscope for Fall 2021

As we move from Virgo to Libra, from the lazy, hazy days of summer to the crisp novelty that fall brings, we can reflect on where the year has brought us so far, and where we have yet to go. Little hint: reflecting on life is generally easier with a can of wine in your hand, wink wink. Stars are aligning, suns are setting, moons are rising, and delicious wine is being created, just for you. So keep on scrolling to find out which wine the stars have chosen for you. 

Aries: Aries are our little firecrackers, quick of wit, laughter, and excitement. To keep things alive and exhilarating for Aries, we recommend a Tempranillo. Descending from the hills of Spain, Tempranillo has just enough zing tempered with softer, richer notes to enliven any Aries’ palette. 

Taurus: Ahh Taurus, the sign of the Bull, in the realm of Venus. Full of both strength and softness, stubbornness and flexibility. Taureans deserve a wine that will complement the duality of their nature. They deserve Just Enough Chardonnay. With powerful flavors of lemon zest and pear, tempered by a touch of sweetness, our Chardonnay will attract all sides of a Taurean’s personality. Dependable and trustworthy, and loyal to a fault, Taureans and Just Enough Chardonnay are practically made for each other. 

Gemini: Seeing as Geminis are represented by the twins, they need a wine good enough for both of them. Not just any wine will do for these high-spirited busybodies. Geminis, always on the move, always trying new things, would be wise to go for a red blend. This may seem like an insufficient answer, but the variety of red blends matches the variety of hobbies, activities, and passions that Geminis often have in their lives. Whether they’re feeling something Merlot-based, or something bolder like a Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend, the choices are out there. They can be chilled, they can be spiced, they can be low-profile and inexpensive, they can be out of this world unique. Geminis experience a huge swath of life’s experiences, and a good red blend can complement their adventures any day of the week. 

Cancer: Highly attuned to the people around them, sensitive to the emotions circling their space, Cancers are both soft-natured and careful about who they let into their life. Cancers lie within the realm of the moon, giving them a mothering quality, a need to care for the people in their life. They need a wine that matches their nurturing energy. With that, Grenache is the wine for them. Strong and comforting, much like Cancers’ caring capabilities, Grenache is basically like chicken soup on a cold, rainy day. It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, like a big bear hug. Cancers, similarly, radiate warmth and contentment in nearly everything they do.  

Leo: Another one of the fire signs, Leos tend to enjoy powerful and bold flavors to match their audacious personalities. Take a walk on the wild side, Leos, and try out a South Australian GSM (Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvèdre). These wines will take you for a ride, and Leos, surely, will love every minute of it. 

Virgo: With a hawk’s eye for detail, and a love of clarity and precision, Virgos place a great deal of value on logic to inform their decisions, working towards the most perfect version of themselves as possible. This is not to say that Virgos can’t go a little crazy sometimes, and this is not to say that they are rigid in their tastes. But there is nothing wrong with being particular, and knowing what you want. With this in mind, we suggest a Cabernet Sauvignon. Consistent in flavor and method, Cabernet Sauvignon is a well-loved wine across the globe. It can match countless occasions, pairs beautifully with dozens of meals, and pleases all sorts of different palettes. Virgos, often wanting to help others in a tangible way, will love the versatility of Cabernet Sauvignon, and the smiles that it will bring to others. 

Libra: Libras are all about balance and stability, with a fun touch of curiosity. Stay curious, Libras. To match a Libra’s combination of symmetry and intelligence, we recommend our very own Just Enough Pinot Noir. Subtle, yet savory; complex in its flavor profile, yet refined in its depth. Libras love to keep those scales equal, making this wine an ideal drink of choice. 

Scorpio: Often thought of as closer to the fire signs, Scorpios, a water sign, are a conundrum. They are deep, emotional, and intentional in their communication. This depth of feeling and powerful intelligence calls for Cabernet Franc. A common wine that is often misunderstood, Cabernet Franc has all the bold flavors that Scorpios will relate to, while also showing off exquisite and delicate tasting notes. Never underestimate a Cabernet Franc or a Scorpio. 

Sagittarius: Blazing through life, under the watchful gaze of Jupiter, Sagittarians are thrill-seekers, dreamers, adventurers, and laughers. They are always ready for the next thing, and we want to be ready to go with them. Calling all Sagittarians, your wine is our Just Enough Rosé. Full of sparkle, light, and mouthwatering flavors, our Rosé is great for your travels, your hikes, your moonlit wanderings, and so much more. 

Capricorn: Grounded. That’s the keyword for Capricorns. Tethered to the earth, determined in their beliefs and goals, focused on achieving their dreams, Capricorns need wine to lift their souls to the highest heights. We say bubbles. If bubbles can’t make you soar, nothing can. Our Just Enough Brut Bubbles provides an unimaginable lightness, with enough flavor and texture to keep Capricorns close to the earth. 

Aquarius: Our rebellious change-makers. Our free-thinking, living-out-loud, bold, and brilliant Aquarians need a wine to match their spirited energy. They need a wine that will keep them on their toes, while also reminding them of the importance of taking deep breaths and appreciating the beauty around them. Aquarians need...drum roll, please...Sauvignon Blanc! Bursting with flavors, full of versatility and pairing potential, Sauv Blanc has all the spirit and pep that Aquarians need in life. Try it with a charcuterie board, experiment with flavors, discover what works for you. Sauvignon Blanc has a beautiful blend of fruitiness, with touches of citrus, green apple, and peach giving it both excitement and depth. 

Pisces: Pisces, like the fish they’re modeled after, tend to float between the real and the imaginary. Another sign with big dreams, Pisces are often thinking of the fantastic, the magical, the great mystery of life. If only we could all be Pisces. We’ve chosen to throw it back to the Greeks for this one: Assyrtiko. Citrusy and floral, with a bit of that Aegean Sea magic tossed in, Pisces will connect to Assyrtiko. Creatures of the sea, both Pisces and Assyrtiko, their zest for life and mystic inclinations will match up beautifully.