Dry Wine January

Dry Wine January

As we are nearing the end of January, many of us are setting new health goals for 2023 and implementing moderation into our daily routines. At a glass and a half serving per can, our wines offer a built-in portion control that helps to add a touch of moderation to your lifestyle. Join us as we observe… Dry Wine January!

Dry wine January is about finding balance. Instead of setting heavy restrictions, we are savoring our favorite dry wines in moderation. If you are unfamiliar with dry wine, don’t worry! We’re here to give you the lowdown on this classic wine term AND give you some great dry wine options for your next night-in. 

What does it mean when a wine is dry?

In the world of wine, the term “dry” refers to the lack of sweetness in a wine. This occurs during the fermentation process when the sugar from the grape juice is converted into alcohol. If a wine is dry, it has little to no residual sugar after fermentation (the rule of thumb is less than 1% residual sugar). If a wine is sweet, the winemaker intentionally did not fully finish the fermentation process, leaving some excess residual sugar behind in the wine, OR sometimes, the winemaker adds sugar post-fermentation.

But, just because a wine is dry does not mean it can’t also have some sweetness. The taste profile of a wine is significantly influenced by other elements such as tannins and alcohol content. Meaning a wine can be both dry AND fruity.

How do I know if a wine is dry?

The best way to tell if a wine is dry is to check the alcohol content! Wines with an alcohol content of 11% or less usually have more residual sugar, making them sweeter, whereas wines with higher alcohol concentrations are more likely to be dry. 

Lucky for you, we have plenty of dry wine options in our lineup. Here are our January favorites:

  1. The Red Set: Enjoy three delicious dry red wine options with this set of Pinot Noir, Red Blend, and our Limited Edition Petite Sirah.
  2. The Sparkling Set: Who doesn’t love to end the day with bubbly? This sparkling set features our Brut Bubbles and Rosé Bubbles for all of life’s little celebrations.
  3. The Essentials Set: I’ll take one of each, please! This variety set allows you to try (and enjoy) all of our dry wine varietals.

    So there you have it, a beginner’s guide to dry wines. If you have any questions we weren’t able to answer, feel free to shoot us a DM on Instagram @justenoughwines. Cheers!