Top 10 Los Angeles Take Out Spots You Need to Try

Top 10 Los Angeles Take Out Spots You Need to Try - Just Enough Wines

We’re traveling all over Los Angeles with local food blogger, Sharona Tahvilian, to bring you the Top 10 must-try take out spots. From American to Japanese and everything in between - we’ve got you covered with a variety of places to try that are open for take out. Sharona is a Los Angeles native with many devoted followers on her food Instagram. She posts mouth-watering pictures of cuisines from all different cultures. One of her most popular IG series features her “Top 5” of a particular food category. We’ve collaborated with Sharona to bring you more than just 5 this time. We’re bringing you the top 10 Los Angeles take out spots you NEED to try. Get ready to start the car to pick up from these amazing restaurants or order online and have it delivered to you! Be sure to also check out Sharona’s Instagram for more restaurant reviews and recommendations.

Get to know Sharona:

Her Background: Sharona's love for food began when she was 7 years old. Her most significant influence was her grandma, who she would help in the kitchen, acting as a sous-chef at a young age. Her favorite memory is helping her grandma cook Persian cuisines and having Food Network on in the background. About a year ago, Sharona decided to showcase her love for cooking and excitement in finding new foods, and started to document her food adventures in LA through her Instagram, @tastingwith_sharona.

"I created my food blog in hopes to inspire others to cook and try new dishes & restaurants."

  1. Le Coupé-

First on the list is Le Coupé To Go. This new restaurant is located in the heart of Los Angeles. Sharona’s top menu item is their Ultimate Chicken Sandwich, which she fell in love with after the first bite. But what completes the whole meal are their side dishes that pair perfectly with their entrees. Sharona suggests ordering the chicken sandwich with blue cornbread, corn ribs, and watermelon salad. She also recommends picking up from Le Coupe and having a picnic at McArthur Park, which is only 10 minutes away from the restaurant. The park has a stunning view of the Downtown, Los Angeles skyline.

  1. Burgers Never Say Die -

Next is one of the best burger joints in Los Angeles, Burgers Never Say Die. Their menu is simple but packed with tons of flavor. Be warned, because their burgers are bursting with flavors and the only condiments they offer are ketchup and mustard. Sharona recommends pairing any of their burgers with their fries, which she is also obsessed with eating.

  1. SugarFish -

SugarFish has mastered the perfect sushi to-go experience. They have created their own personalized to-go box with instructions on how to eat their sushi properly. Everything comes perfectly packaged in a box for you, making it convenient for take out. SugarFish’s menu is mirrored after a popular Japanese menu style called Omakase. Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting a chef choose your order. The word translates into “I will leave it to you.” At SugarFish, you will not find your usual California or spicy tuna roll, but instead, you will find a more traditional sushi restaurant. The fish is so fresh and completely melts in your mouth with every bite! Sharona recommends ordering the Trust Me, which is what we also recommend!

  1. Baja Cali Fish & Tacos-

Baja Cali Fish & Tacos is an up and coming fast casual chain throughout Los Angeles county. They are known for their popular crispy fish tacos, and it’s only 99¢ on Tuesdays! Our personal favorite is their battered shrimp tacos and their chia cucumber Auga Fresca. They top off their tacos with cabbage, pico de gallo, their house crema, and mild salsa. They have a wide variety to choose from on their menu, and they even offer vegan and vegetarian options. Be sure to leave plenty of time for picking up your food because the line is always out the door! Tip: Ask for extra peppers on the side and call in your order to save time when picking up your food.

  1. BayCities Italian Deli -

Bay Cities Deli is known to be the KING of deli sandwiches in LA. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, BayCities Italian Deli is the perfect place to grab a delicious lunch before shopping at 3rd street or taking it straight to the beach. This Deli is also an Italian grocery store. Along with your sandwich, you can also pick up your favorite wine or chocolate. At Just Enough, we emphasize trying to make your life more convenient. We love featuring small businesses that will also make your life more simple by taking fewer stops. Sharona recommends ordering the Godmother sandwich or their Hot Pastrami.

  1. Malibu Seafood ​-

This hole in the wall spot on the side of PCH has some of the best seafood in all Los Angeles. Sharona’s must-try menu item at Malibu Seafood is their fish n’ chips with her favorite, clam chowder in a bread bowl. You can thank her by following her on Instagram!

  1. Cha Cha Chilli-

This hole in the wall spot is not your average Asian fusion restaurant. Cha Cha Chilli is a Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant, previously featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, starring Guy Fieri. They feature delicious Mexican style items with options to include tasty, Korean marinated meat. We recommend the Chimichanga with the Korean marinated steak.

  1. Eataly LA -

Eataly is a favorite stop for locals and tourists. Eataly is convenient because it features high-quality food and a small grocery under one roof. There are many restaurants and counters you can choose to eat from. But one of Sharona’s favorites is Pizza Alla Palla. Their Roman-style pizza is excellent! It has a thick crispy crust with fresh cheese, pepperoni, cilantro and other fresh ingredients on top. Their pizza does not get soggy and stays crunchy for hours, making it a great meal to take to go. Her favorite Roman-style pizzas are their Funghi pizza and Soppressata.

  1. Mariscos Jalisco ​-

This would not be a Los Angeles food recommendation list without featuring a local taco truck. Mariscos Jalisoc is not your average Mexican Taco Truck, either. They serve the freshest seafood stuffed inside the crispiest taco shell, slathered with more seafood on top. They are a small food truck on the side of a busy LA street, so it can be easy to miss them. But, once you get there, Sharona recommends ordering their shrimp tacos and shrimp ceviche.

  1. Magpies Soft Serve

Save some room for dessert! One of the most well known soft serve spots in all of Los Angeles is Magpies Soft Serve. With more than half of their soft serve mixes being vegan, the texture still remains rich, creamy and delicious. You seriously won’t even think it’s vegan. Our personal recommendation is to get the corn almond soft serve with their butterscotch rice krispies! Yum!

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More about Sharona:

Fun Fact: She is the youngest of 5

Hobbies: Enjoys cookings and creating her own unique recipes or adding her own spin to an established recipe. She loves to try new foods and is very open to trying unique dishes from many different cultures. She also stays active when she is not blogging about the food she is eating, and you can catch her on the dance floor and going on hikes around Los Angeles.