Women, Wine, and Wonderful Events!

Women, Wine, and Wonderful Events!

TL;DR--Schedule of Events for Women’s History Month!

March 8th: Caviar and Wine Tasting with Caviar Co. 

March 19th: Dumpling making and Wine Tasting with dumplingclubsf

March 25th: Cocktail making class with WildCraft CA

March 29th: Charcuterie Board Creation with Peckish Boards

Just Enough is excited to partner with other female-founded companies throughout the month of March. Our event schedule is full of delights, full of opportunities, and full of female empowerment!


MARCH 8TH: Just Enough is kicking off our celebration of Women’s History Month on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2021, with Caviar Co., a San Francisco based and women-owned caviar company. This virtual tasting will pair Just Enough’s Chardonnay and Brut Bubbles with various types of caviar and roe. Both companies are all about delicious products in accessible formats, and both have rocking women leading them towards exceptional futures. What’s more? Both Just Enough and the Caviar Co. focus on sustainable practices in their respective industries. Head to Caviar Co and Just Enough Wines for more information and directions on how to register.


MARCH 19TH: If you’re ready for a hands-on experience, we got you! Just Enough’s second Women’s History Month event is just eleven days later, and will be 100% worth the wait. Meet Cathay Bi, a former Googler who decided to make a drastic career shift and turn her attention to incredible dumplings. If you don’t believe me, head over to @dumplingclubsf and see for yourself how gorgeous Cathay’s dumplings are. And did you know that dumplings pair beautifully with Chardonnay? Sounds like a match made in gastronomical heaven. So, on March 19th, don’t forget to celebrate the power, creativity, and ingenuity of women by joining Just Enough and the Dumpling Club for some virtual dumpling making and wine tasting. It’ll be delicious, it’ll be informative, it’ll be inspiring, it may even be life-changing.


MARCH 25TH: Alright, so you’ve indulged in caviar, you’ve perfected the craft of dumplings, you’ve sipped and sipped (and sipped and sipped) your Just Enough, and now it’s time to celebrate. On March 25th, four days into the spring season (I think we’re all ready for new life and spring blooms, yes?), we get to make cocktails! WildCraft CA, specializes in unique, high-quality cocktails using local ingredients. WildCraft’s founders, Danielle and Erin, have years of successful bartending experience behind them, and their influence throughout Sonoma and Marin counties is only growing. Not to mention, their mobile bar is run out of a 1967 trailer named Cleo! Just Enough and WildCraft will be leading you through a virtual Brut Bubbles cocktail making class on March 25th

MARCH 29TH: Have you always wanted to create a photo-worthy charcuterie board? Grab a Just Enough wine of choice and join us on Instagram Live, where Peckish Boards founder, Hadil Zumot, will lead us in designing the perfect board. Stay tuned for a suggested shopping list!


All this information and more can be found at Just Enough Wines. Make sure to take a look at our “About Us” page to see what makes Just Enough so special. This month, and every month, let’s remember to lift ladies up, to help them reach their goals, to boost them in working towards their passions. It all starts with connection. So, join us on March 8th, 19th, 25th and 29th to connect, explore, and inspire.